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The right hand little finger: does not love. ,nike free 5.0 mens
right hand ring finger: in love.

right middle finger: dated other people.
right index finger: Single
. Left hand little finger: does this.
left hand ring finger: marriage.
left middle finger: engagement.
left index finger: unmarried
thumb represent the power of meaning,
the meaning of self-confidence can do.

pursuit of engagement from

in accordance with our habits,
engagement ring is generally worn on the left hand middle finger,
wedding ring on his left ring finger;
unmarried girls should wear the right middle finger or ring finger

international law is more popular to wear:
worn on the thumb - of self, being reckless; are in search of
worn on the index finger - the situation has been people; want to get married and not married.
on the middle finger - being in love, engaged
worn on the little finger - that single or divorced or single
determination on the ring finger - has engaged or married
right ring finger - said with a nun nature.
wear design of the relatively strong ring, can form with

For the ladies -
. Those who love pink,nike free 7.0 mens, rich and romantic feelings.
. Those who love red, Some Like It Hot.
. Those who love blue. More introverted cool.
. Those who love green, delicate emotion.
of men who -
. 麗緻earing a silver ring that gentle, easy to accommodate others, easy to communicate.
. 麗緻earing a gold ring were more concerned about the interests, will always be a shrewd business sense.
. Jade who wear strong, focus on taste quality, and strict.
who do not like the ring have ornamentation, is convinced that love people.

ring worn on different fingers, and to reflect on the psychological meaning and character.
. Like those worn on the index finger, the more extreme stubborn personality.
. Like those worn in the right middle finger, psychological balance, objective attitude; advocating the doctrine of life concept.
. Hi worn on the left middle finger,Discount Nike free clearance Please see the love of the phrase had, a sense of responsibility, attention to family.
. Like those worn on the small finger, there is an inferiority complex.
. Hi worn on the ring finger, those with no ambition, easy-going, less care about gains and losses.

wear rings should be noted:
worn on the index finger on the ring, required a three-dimensional shape.
ring worn on the middle finger,nike free 5.0 mens The real master of the chat  I serve it!, requiring the atmosphere, there is a sense of weight, can give a more formal and positive feeling.
worn on the ring finger ring, suitable for formal modeling
ring worn on the little finger, for lovely,cheap nike free, delicate shape, because the little finger gives a feminine feel.
fingers,Discount Nike free clearance, suitable for wide-ring and ring sense of volume
obese spiral shape of the hand for wearing the ring, so make your fingers slightly thin.
stubby type of hand can choose Streamline shape of the ring.

refers to the wish:
little finger: little finger is trapped inside sexy conveyed the message, it will be a ring worn on the unexpected happened;
ring finger: ring finger connected to the heart legend ,Discount Nike free clearance 全部是合同,多学学吧。以后少吃亏, the most sacred oath;
middle finger: the ring worn on the middle finger on the most hearty create a free atmosphere, good for inspiration emerge and become more attractive, Yixing Yuan;
index finger: while the ring worn on the index finger on the character will become bright and independent;
thumb: the ring worn on the thumb can help you achieve your aspirations.

nail ring, it is worn on the finger on, special to decorate your nails and fingertips.

麗緻hy wedding ring be worn on the ring finger - a wonderful physical phenomenon
The hands middle finger bent down, with his back to back close together, the other four fingertips on the touch.
start the game following the question:
1. Please open it on your thumb, thumb on behalf of our parents
2. close up your thumb, then open the index finger, index finger on behalf of brothers and sisters
3. close up the index finger, and then open a small thumb,nike free running shoes, a small thumb on behalf of children
4. So, please close the small thumb, and then try to open the ring finger, ring finger how also ox - the couple

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